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You can expect a terrific day!

Your Day

  1. Gates open around Noon everyone's welcome - Kids, Parents, Friends, 3rd cousins, etc.
  2. There shall be a dozen or so 1/2 hr. "sets". with short breaks between them for changing mics, etc.
  3. There shall be a few short Open Stage positions offered for the "Eager" Contact me for a position.
  4. The event is "festival seating" so low chairs or blankets/tarps are prefered. There will be some provision for lawn chairs as well.
    Around suppertime we will break for a pot-luck dinner. We will also have hamburgers and Hotdogs for folks who change their mind and decide that they want to stay.
  5. Around sun-down we'll shut down the musical programme and the "Party" will begin. For those of you familiar with Nogfest this will be self-explanatory. The rest of you are in for a very pleasant time. Instruments are encouraged at this time.